Monday, February 15, 2010

Rainbow of Books!

I am constantly trying to come up with new ways to rearrange my bookshelf. Sometimes, I like the look of all books, no knickknacks. Sometimes, I need to break up the lines. Sometimes, it becomes a catch-all for crap. I just found some really lovely ideas at Real Simple that I'd love to try.

{using empty, painted frames}

{i love the idea of painting the inside of a bookcase a
couple shades darker than the surrounding wall color.}

{this is really interesting. i like the idea of arranging colorful or
color-coordinated office supplies like rubber bands,
paper clips, push pins or pencils in clear jars like this.}

Here are a few more from sources other than Real Simple.

{not only do i adore the shape of this bookcase,
i love the bright colors, the variety of genres and the swan placed in front

{this is really similiar to what i have now - some with baskets,
some with books, some with knickknacks. except this looks better,
because of the color groupings and the wall color}

{color coding is an amazing look, but i don't know how practical it is.
check out the rainbow of books flickr group}

haha, now i have a lot of inspiration but no more time to organize! i spent all of my time researching!
c'est la vie!


  1. I love the look of the one with the orange wall and the cubes with different color books...really cute

  2. i already use empty painted frames and i LOVE the look! i love grouping several different sizes of empty frames with some different sized mirrors and a letter to throw a new shape in the mix. they look great as wall groupings!

  3. i think bookcases are too cute, and i love the idea similar to yours except i would use concept number 2!

  4. I absolutely adore these interiors!

  5. Oh I have always wanted a HUGE bookcase covering the entire wall! :) Or this cute one:
    Great collection! I love the last and second last bookcases :)

  6. That last photo is GORGEOUS! But as you said, probably not too practical :) Can't wait to see your bookcase! Be sure to share photos!

  7. Wow! I love the rainbow idea. Right now I organize by theme or author last name.

  8. Wow, the rainbow look is stunning! Great ideas!


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