Monday, February 1, 2010

February...You Better Be Good!

Happy February!

I have high hopes for this month, especially since January was a bit of a let down.
I hope February is full of continued success with
- my new lifestyle plan (next weigh-in tomorrow night!)
- my etsy shop
- the blog!
- and general craftiness
-oh, and school and friends and the boy and stuff :)

Today, at about 10:30, I got an urge to go to the gym. Of course, that happens when I'm at work! So, instead I asked my dad if I could take one of the dogs, Midnight, for a walk. He said sure, so we went on a brisk 30 minute walk and I came back feeling awesome! These are some pictures I took while on the walk.

This weekend was pretty low-key, but a few things worth noting did happen.
First, I reconnected with a friend who I had a falling-out with last summer. That was nice and it felt like we were picking up where we'd left off. But... I'm going to be cautious before jumping back in headfirst. I felt betrayed by this person and while I think (and hope!) she sincerely regrets what she did, I can't be sure. Especially not after one day. So, we'll see!

Second, my dad was hospitalized again on Sunday morning  - for chest pains. !!!! I know, that was my reaction, too! But, they ran all the tests and said that everything was normal and that is was actually chest muscle pain and not heart muscle pain. Which is so much better! So, disaster narrowly averted there!

Third, Sunday night we had a surprise party for Jonathan at his sister's house. I think he was unaware of our plan right up until we walked up to their door. Then, he was like... maybe there's a party? And I was all, I dunno, I was just told to come pick them up at 7:30. But, surprise or not, he had a good time and we saw some friends we haven't seen in a while!

The lovely Sam was there, someone who we hung out with 24/7 about 5 years ago and then we drifted apart. Recently, we randomly showed up at her Christmas party and now she came to Jon's birthday party and it looks like we're reconnecting. Which is awesome because Sam is awesome!

Robert was also there, and we definitely don't see Robert often enough! He brought along pieces of  what he's been working on for the past 3 years - a film based on a short story by Ellen Gilchrist titled, The Suicides. I read this story last night, turned to Robert and said, I need to read this like five more times. It took me all night to get a rudimentary understanding - and that was with a lot of help from Robert. And it's only 5 pages long! 5 small-paperback-sized  pages. I can't find it anywhere online, or I would link you. But, believe me, it's amazing and disturbing. It gave me the creeps the way Funny Games gave me the creeps. I can't tell you the name of the prospective film or any of the prospective cast or talent attached to it, but I can assure you that they're all fabulous! Good luck to Robert! :)

Fourth, I got a lot of thrifting in this weekend! I found a ton of awesome things and a new favorite thrift store (Palos Verdes Resale in Lomita). Here are my finds:

Fifth, I made a bunch of new cards and will be posting them in the shop tonight and tomorrow. I will save all of those pictures for another post tomorrow, after they're listed.

**I also discovered a lovely new blog today that I absolutely HAVE to share with you. I spent all morning reading ALL of her entries since she started and now I feel like we're bffs. :)
Please meet Tieka of Selective Potential. She has an awesome blog, complete with beautiful photos, an adorable hubby, and super cute photos of her amazing outfits!**

Lastly, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a super cute handmade bag from Jabba's Design Hut
- entries close on February 3rd at 11:59pm.

There will be ANOTHER giveaway starting tomorrow, too!
So, definitely stop on by!


  1. Awesome thread! Great pics and your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Those ARE some great finds! I especially like the food fabric and the fruit plates. Lucky you!

  3. i love all the photos on here!


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