Friday, January 29, 2010

love... Plan 59 + What Prints Should I Buy?

Plan 59 is a website that sells commercial art from the 1950's. They offer large prints for sale, most for $20-40. The prints are handmade in Virginia from high-resolution master files and printed on imported French watercolor paper with a sumptuous herringbone texture. I have spent most of this morning on this site and my cart is quite full! I may have to, erm, rethink some of these purchases. But they're all so lovely! These are the ones that made it into my cart - which ones should I keep?

{merry xmas! - wouldn't it be fun to recreate this for your xmas cards?}

{jersey meadows - LOVE these colors}

{kool-aid - my fave!}

{soda bottles - another fave!}

{straight up - if i had a bebe, i would put this in his/her room}

{reading the paper - i love that it's a woman!}

I don't know if I can bear to part with any of these, but right now I'm at over $300. Which is not happening. So... help me?


  1. I love the soda bottles and the ford cars.

  2. I like:
    soda bottles
    heinz soups
    ford family of fine cars
    straight up
    reading the paper

    Have fun chosing!

  3. these are really nice. i really like the woman reading the paper!


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