Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do Not Pass Go!

I am becoming far too familiar with the emergency room... On Sunday, I had the worst headache of my life (which is apparently a medical term). I took medicine, I was in a dark, quiet room, I was in agony. It got so bad, I threw up multiple times. I get headaches, but this was much more. I called my mom crying, and asked her to take me to the doctor if it didn't get better in a few hours. Luckily, she came right over. At the urgent care facility, they told us to go straight to the ER, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I even had to sign the scariest waiver ever that said I was refusing an ambulance and risking PERMANENT DISABILITY OR DEATH.

We risked it.

To keep a looooong story short, we spent all day at the hospital. The CATscan was clean, the bloodwork showed elevated inflammation (i.e. headache) and once they gave me morphine, I was happy. And according to my mom, very lyrical. She said "That homeless guy just won't stop [arguing]." I said, "Stop. Collaborate and listen." She said, "Some doctors wear blue scrubs, some wear green." I said, "Green Acres is the place for me!" Hey, at least she was entertained.

Basically, everything I had planned to do on Sunday wasn't done. Including relaxing... But I also had a mile-long list of other things to do: send out etsy orders, visit a friend's new home, clean my room, take down the tree, go to the gym. Instead, I sang to my mom.

So... I'm a bit backed up. Yesterday, I had a neurologist appointment, went to work for a bit and packed and sent all pending orders. I also printed out a bunch of me newest cards, including my new Snarky Greetings series. Hopefully (!) I can get these posted tonight. Tell me what you think!

And don't forget about the giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day to enter!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog,,,and I am sorry you had a head ache from hell...but I had to laugh about the color of scrubs,,because when my husband had his heart attack,,he was also on morphine and so funny,,,he would do the ET finger and say take me home...glad to hear your on the mend...hope the rest of your week is alot better..

  2. Oh no! I had a headache like that over the Summer and it was terrible! Here's to no more headaches for a while, eh?

    ps love the new cards :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Yours cards are very cute! Going to check out your etsy shop.

    hope you are feeling better

  4. how stressful for you! hope you are feeling better.
    thanku for your visit + comment :)

  5. Stop collaborate and listen!! So so funny!! But rubbish that you are not well. Cards are hilarious - Grown up on is my favourite.

  6. hey! i hope you feel better. it sucks to feel that way.


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