Friday, January 22, 2010

The Great Calendar Roundup of 2010 - Part 2

kay, a few weeks late, but full of good intentions (and great deals!), here is the second half of the Great Calendar Roundup! (First half here.)

{Paper and Inkling presents this lovely calendar composed of 12 monthly cards packaged in a jewel case. Now on sale for $13.}

{These insanely colorful, beautifully printed calendar cards from Stephanie Fizer are only $18 for the set! She has a ton of other cute items like this, this and this!}

{Girl In Gear Studio is offering this plantable, frameable, totally usable calendar for $25!}

{These topo maps from Natures Cubbyhole are an ingenious idea; printed on the white side of US topographical maps, they are then hand-stitched and ready for you to use!}

{Indira Albert's 2010 desk calendar is on sale for $15 through 1/22/10. Beautifully printed, brightly colored, and well-priced, what more can you ask for?}

{The Simply Said 2010 Desktop Calendar from Ruffhouse Art  measures 4.25x5.5 inches and comes with a jewel case that converts to a stand. Other calendars available include Woodland Whimsy and Retro Mod.}

{Printable? Check. Chock full of adorable woodland creatures? Check. Ridiculously cheap at $5? Check. Available from Wild Olive? Check. Where to find? Here!}

{I love this idea from Sure As Blue; each month is printed on a postcard, so when it's over, you can mail it to a friend! Pass the art along! Or, if like me, you want to keep these and frame them becuase they're so dangcute, postcard size is super manageable, even if you frame all of them! Check out Indieology (top) and Chromatize (bottom)!}

{1canoe2 presents these really-quite-amazing calendars for your enjoyment. The tea towel calendar runs $37 and measures 15x22 inches and the poster calendar is $62 and measures 22x30 inches. These are both based on the letterpress calendar ($24 and 6x10.5 inches). I also enjoy their prints, like this one and this one!

I am still planning on buying some of these calendars featured, especially with these low prices (!), but I have to admit that Jonathan surprised me with a gift the other day:

The Yoga Cats 2010 Wall Calendar! It's super cute and makes me smile everytime I walk by it.


  1. i love calendars, and these are too cute! it's too bad i already own one.

  2. Who knew there could be so many amazing calendars on them. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

  3. those are all os beautiful! they make me want to create a calendar for 2011!


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