Thursday, September 9, 2010

Operation: Acquire Art: Commence!

Lately, I've been on an art-acquiring kick. This includes works of art (I prefer originals), frames and wall decor. While I have purchased some fabulous pieces from etsy sellers, I'm going to focus on my awesome thrift store and garage sale finds for this post. Take a look at my treasures!

{shabby chic-y, weathered pink 5x7 frame}

{hand-painted 4x6 canvases in bright, fun colors}

{original 3x4 watercolor of greece}

{original pen and ink sketch - in an ugly frame, i will re-frame it.}

{1970s christmas decoration - my plan is to paint it and display it year-round}

{fabulous syroco mirror - these are selling for $50+ on etsy, i got mine for $5 - i'll probably paint the frame}

{lasercut leaves twin 4x6 frame - so awesome}

{detail of the lasercut frame}}

{hand-painted rooster on a wooden plaque}

{3x4 hand-painted girl with a bonnet on wood}

{an original 5x8 watercolor i picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents!}

{an 8x10 clown on canvas - the colors in the piece (aqua, pale pink, butter yellow, peachy coral) outweigh the possible creepiness}

{a huge oil painting of buttery roses - i will be painting the frame at some point because it's a garish gold}

I also picked up 4 8x10 mats (for 11x14 frames) for a buck! Everything looks better matted, but I'm generally too cheap to cough up $7 for one mat!

What do you think? Did I make out okay? :) 


  1. lovely choices. very antique, i like it!

  2. awesome finds. love that laser cut frame!

  3. Awesome finds! I've been hunting for some great art lately as well! I'm looking to do a pretty cluster wall in my new place. Thanks for inspiring me to get my butt into gear and start buying :)

  4. OMG - I think I have a matching rooster to the hand painted rooster on wood that you have!!

    I picked it up a while ago and was waiting for inspiration to strike. I was thinking about a cute Halloween print. I think the Mod Podge will be out soon.


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