Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Focus On... Mai Autumn!

Today, I'm bringing you a feature on a super sweet shop called Mai Autumn. Christine is the talented mistress behind this beauty and what a range of talents she has (sugar sculptor!). Read on for more info and don't forget to check out her shop for more lovelies! **Note: Shipping is the same regardless of how much you buy, so stock up!**

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
I am a painter, designer, entrepreneur, sugar sculptor.. and a whole lot of other fun, random things! I was raised at the Jersey Shore (not anything like the TV show, thank you very much!)(haha). I received my BA in painting in 2008 and have been honing my business ever since. As well as being a fine artist, I run a collective of designers called Fey Handmade. I absolutely love independent design and believe that great designers deserve support for all the beautiful creations they make. When I started out selling my own paintings and prints, I realized just how hard it was to get out there, so I decided to start a site that would showcase a curated collection of the handmade products I would love to own and that people should know about. I hope to inspire women through both my art and through presenting them with all the other lovely things I've found in my travels through the handmade world.

One thing I should probably add - the sugar sculptor thing - for two years, while I was in college and then a little after college, I was a sugar artist for Pink Cake Box. You might recognize them from the Food Network and TLC cake challenges. It was my first dream of a career and I would have stayed, loving every sugary minute of it, if my sweetie didn't live "down the shore" (that's what they call it here in Jerz) and my cake life wasn't almost 2 hours north - couldn't take the commute! 

What kind of mediums do you use and why?
I am generally a watercolor painter, but I will often stray to my cabinet full of random supplies (including gold leaf and mirror pieces!) when the mood strikes. If I have a vision, anything might go into it! 

What made you decide to sell on etsy?
I honestly can't remember what happened! I graduated college with a degree in painting.. wanted to sell my art... wasn't getting any gallery showings... remembered there was this site where people sold handmade things.. and I *think* that's basically what happened. For the life of me, I cannot remember the day I decided to start an Etsy account, or start listing things - any of it! I am ever so grateful that I did though, because it basically changed my entire life. If someone would have told me in college that *this* is what I'd be doing, I would have said "you're kidding!" :)

{champagne earrings - aren't these beautiful?}

Where do you get your inspiration?
I'm inspired by so many things.. nature, imaginary places, memories, mysteries, magical things, girly things.. I just love all that is pretty and somewhat solemn and definitely real (if you know what I mean) :)

What is your favorite music to craft by?
It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in! One day it might be Tom Waits, then the next maybe The Tallest Man on Earth, and another day it could be Yeah Yeah Yeahs! I really have a diverse taste for music. There's so much playing from my little speakers every day!

When it's cold outside...
I do not leave my apartment. haha

When I'm hungry...
I stop everything I'm doing and go eat! (Food is essential! I LOVE to cook!)

When I need a boost...
I dress myself up in my best outfit and make a list. Lists help all problems.

I wish I was/were...
maybe a bit more balanced sometimes. I'm gettin' there.. but running your own business takes a bit more out of you than a regular job. Makes life a little bit more unpredictable (but that can definitely be a good thing, at times, too!)

If I could give one gift to everyone I know, it would be...
that's a tough one.. pass? my circle of people is way too different to pick just one thing haha

{set of 5 folk art cards}

If I could have coffee with anyone, it would be...
Sofia Coppola, for sure! She is my idol.
If you were an animal, what would you be?
I know, due to the paintings, you'd think I would say a bird... but I'm not gonna be all typical... ; ) Perhaps, an elephant. So regal and beautiful. 

What's your favorite piece of your own?
I really love my new drawing(s), Lola 1 + 2 (I have them for sale as a print set right now, but I have to get a pretty, pretty frame for the originals and they will then be available as well). These two drawings just work so well in my head and I can't wait to expand them into a series!

{lola 1, 2}

What are your favorite blogs/websites right now?
I would have to say CraftMBA and Tumblr (my dashboard is always full of amazing, amazing stuff!). Both go to's when I'm needing a fresh take on things. As for artist's blogs, I absolutely adore Lisa Golightly's blog (of Kiki and Polly) and Michelle Maule's blog. It's nice to see other artists' lives a little :)

{butterfly study no. 2}

You can find Christine
on facebook
on her blog
on her site
and, of course, on etsy!

**Thanks for answering my silly questions, Christine! We wish you luck and happiness!**

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  1. Her work is so pretty! i really love buttercup! it looks so real!


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