Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charitable Giveaway Alert!

Annette from Dragon House of Yuen is hosting an amazing giveaway! With your purchase of a holiday raffle ticket, you receive the chance to win all of the following goodies! The proceeds benefit the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare Association in Rugby, England.

{click on the photo for a larger version}

1. Esme the Brown Bunny Set by Pey from Peylu
2. The Protector Original Watercolour by Alison from Eastwitching (did you see her bunnies here?)
3. Greyhound in Disguise Screenprinted Cotton Tea Towel by Jane from Max and Molly Design
4. The Doggy Bag by Eline from The High North
5. Bunny Rabbit Photo Greeting Cards Set of 4 by Jen fromJMcGuinness Photography
6. Mother Hare Ermine by Dragon House of Yuen
7. Snowshoe Hare Footprint Mug by Kirsten from Kirsten's Clay
8. Celestial Hare, Dancing Hare and Faun Brooch by Jeanette from Square Hare
9. Pattern Rabbit Original Collage by Carly from Naked Carly Art
10. Snuggle Sweet Nothings - Adorable Bunnies Picture - 8x10 Photo Print by Debbie from Shaded Memories

This really is an amazing giveaway and your raffle tickets go to support such a great cause. Every year, so many people get rabbits at Easter and by Christmas, they've decided they don't want their pets anymore. Donate to a wonderfully worthwhile rescue and you could win this great prize package!


  1. great giveaway. definitely going to join!

  2. thank you so much Katie for helping to spread the word! So very kind of you!

    I'm in another rabbit raffle too, with another mother hare for The Buckeye House Rabbit Society (it's on my blog) and there is a beautiful original painting by Pey there!


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