Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Month in Pictures: February 2011 in Phone Pictures!

this is my february - each of these pictures is taken from my phone. click for a larger photo.

top row: a reminder everyday to "change" my life. the kings vs redwings game at staples center. a painting by my grandmother - this month was the 9th anniversary of her passing. my big decision on super bowl sunday when i decided to go red!

second row: oliver cuddling with me. tallulah - one of my parents' cats - she gets shaved like a lion every few months. books i was going to buy with my b&n groupon, only to realize i didn't have it. my healthy creation at the counter - veggie burger on english muffin with sprouts, red peppers, tomatoes, tillamook, hard boiled eggs, spring greens and cucumbers.

third row: art by shelley roze in my bedroom. oliver's rabbit feet on a sunday morning. {top} another painting by my grandmother. {bottom} my "no on h8" sweatshirt. prophet, the three-legged cat lounging on my parents' bed - he looks like a mermaid, right?

bottom row: doggy cupcakes i sent to lindsay - her dog's birthday is today! lindsay and jen - obviously lindsay said something that didn't quite make sense to jen. sadie - the hairless dog - on my parents' bed. art by CW Farrugia and a rooster from Home Goods on my dresser.

I really like this idea and I'm going to try to do it next month, too! Link me to your month in pictures if you've done it!


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