Saturday, March 5, 2011

Focus On... Studio Lyon!

Studio Lyon is a print shop run by Christie, a delightful gal who really is a joy to order from and work with. One of my favorite pieces in my new apartment is a happy gray whale I ordered from Studio Lyon about a month ago (he's no longer available in her shop, but maybe if you ask her nicely, she'll re-list him!). I love her use of textures, especially natural ones like leaves and wood. Combine those textures with her use of digital coloring and her sense of humor and whimsy and you have a magical mix! 

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
I'm an artist living in Tampa, Florida. I enjoy learning and creating.

What kind of mediums do you use and why?
I use whatever fits my needs at the time, but especially like working with ink, paper, and wood. My love of ink and paper comes from my love of books. And I've always liked wood furniture, flooring, etc.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I love to learn and that is what inspires me. The universe is infinitely interesting! I am endlessly curious and fascinated and enjoy expressing that through my art.

What is your favorite music to craft by?
I listen to rock, classical, country, and bluegrass music.

When it's cold outside...
I am thrilled because we don't often have cold weather in Florida. And when it's hot outside, you'll usually find me inside!

When I need a boost...
I turn on music and make art!

I wish I was/were...
Immortal. I don't have nearly enough time to read every book or draw everything that I want to.

If I could give one gift to everyone I know, it would be...

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I'd be a cat with antlers!

What's your favorite piece of your own?
Each new piece becomes my favorite. At the moment, it's my "Gift Horse."

What are your favorite blogs/websites right now?
Lately I'm enjoying watching talks on
And I recently discovered

You can find Studio Lyon
on facebook
on twitter
and of course, on etsy.

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  1. These are beautiful and so special. Thank you for introducing your readers to such a wonderful artists.

    Stitching in Circles> on Etsy


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