Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking Back On New Friends and Fun Times

Here are some pictures from last month, a month I had to step away from Kate and Oli to renew my relationships with people important to me. Like me. :)

{the red sweater crew in my kitchen at my housewarming party
kyle, jen, katie, anthony, derrick, shaun, erica}

{that's Katie on the left and Katie on the right
i'm on the right
Katie is one of my newest best girl friends
we're at the Kings game on 12/23}

{the spread at our Christmas Eve brunch}

{december dusk in manhattan beach, california}

{kyle and lindsay - 
i am their wedding planner!
on new year's eve 2010}

{amy, me, dawn, lindsay, jen
on new year's eve}

{lindsay, katie, me, jen
out for amy's 27th birthday in hermosa beach}

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