Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Are You Waiting For?

my new favorite song - Animal by the Neon Trees
so, i don't know if you guessed it by the lack of mentioning a boy toy, but i'm single and have been for a while now. so, i feel like i'm finally back looking again.
i'm jumping in. 
and this song makes me feel how you feel in the beginning of a new relationship.
excited, nervous, giddy.
at the moment, i don't have anyone making me feel this way, but i'm open to it and listening to this song is like priming my heart for whatever the universe sends my way.

enjoy your lovely sunday!


  1. i'm so happy to have discovered your blog! It's lovely! You have tons of followers, wow.

    Best of luck with jumping back into the dating game! :)

    (swapbot blogger followers swap - bluemonkeymama)

  2. Great song! I hope you meet your knight in shining armor soon :)

  3. i love this song too! it's really great :D


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