Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday!

This weekend, I was so productive!! On Friday, I had the day off work and I started cleaning my room - going through my bookshelves, cleaning the closet and rerranging furniture. I also spend a good amount of time lounging with Oliver and catching up on recorded shows. Also, I went to the gym for two hours! When I left, I could feel my butt muscles as I walked. (Which was cool then, not so cool now as I'm super sore.) Friday evening, Adam and I saw Babies. For a movie with no dialogue really, it was pretty entertaining. It was definitely funny; but not ground-breaking.

On Saturday, Amy, my mom and I participated in the Revlon Run/Walk 5K. By participated, I mean I ran...then I walked. :) It was surprisingly hot and I got sunburned (despite my sunscreen!) and my feet are blistered (my running shoes are worn-out), but it was a great race for a good cause! I'm proud that I was able to run at least half of it and that I raised $75 for cancer research and awareness efforts. Afterwards, I picked up one of these awesome tank tops:

Amy and I also decided we want to sign up for the MLB All-Star Game Charity 5K in Anaheim in July. Which, yes, sounds as appealing as a race through the Gobi Desert, but if you sign up before 5/23, it's only $25 and you get this awesome shirt. Join us! :)

When we finally got home (we took the Metro and it was a bit of a disaster), I picked up a salad from Carl's Jr (mmmm the cranberry apple walnut salads are the best) and went home to nurse my blisters. Actually, I was pretty productive then, too! I did more cleaning and organizing, then dyed my hair and proceeded to take the most awesome, relaxing shower ever. I used every mask and scrub I could find and I exfoliated and buffed and moisturized until I shone. :)

I picked up this amazing mask in Rotorua, New Zealand when I was there 2 years ago. I bought it at the Polynesian Spa after soaking in sulfur-scented hot springs. This mask has the incredibly fine and rich mud of Lake Rotorua and colostrum which, if you don't think about it too hard, isn't that gross. You can order your own here or better yet, just go visit NZ and pick some up there! :)

Saturday night, I took my sore, sweet-smelling self over to the home of my lovely friends, Kyle and Lindsay. They just got the cutest Yorkie puppy named Yoshi. Behold, Yoshi!

On Sunday, I went with Mike and Sarah to scout pet adoptions for their next mew. They found two they fell in love with at the Long Beach shelter and we'll be going back on Thursday to snatch them up! Here is a picture of those delightful mews!

Sunday evening, Adam and I went to dinner with my family for Mother's Day. We went to this great restaurant called Creme de la Crepe; they have a couple locations here in the South Bay and they're consistently amazing.

After dinner, I went home and went crazy on the house. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and living room. I also finished my room. So, now I have a HUGE pile of giveaway items to catalog before I take them to Goodwill (tomorrow) and a huge pile of trash bags outside my door with no one to take them to the dumpster (Jon's in Mexico). Tonight, I will clear out those piles and tackle the trunk of my car (almost as bad as my room was). I will also attempt to do homework and go to the gym tonight. Such busy-ness. But such satisfaction in cleanliness and productivity!

Also, I'm in love with these shoes :)
They're less than $20 with shipping!
Does someone want to get them for me as 
an early birthday present? I'm a size 7 in mens!


  1. leaving you some love!
    i went to new zealand on my honeymoon! loved rotorua and the amazing products from the mud and volcanoes!

    good job on being ultra productive!!!
    you inspire me to get out and do stuff :)

  2. I was also in LA when that revlon walk was going on. Luckily, we went after and was able to beat traffic.

    Great that you participated!

  3. I love weekends liked that! :) Glad that you had a productive weekend :)

  4. I love weekends like that too. it feels like so much has been lifted off your shoulders. the pup is adorable and i might have to get a pair of those shoes for myself!

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I am loving that puppy, btw... so cute! ;)

  6. Enjoy yourself and keep sharing!


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