Thursday, May 27, 2010

Focus On... Rachael Taylor Designs!

Rachael Taylor Designs is backed by none other than... Rachael Taylor, a lovely and creative lass from the UK. Rachael has loved textiles for a long time; her first job was as a print and design technician and in 2006, she held her first solo exhibition at the Brahm Gallery Leeds.

Around this time, she developed her signagure style of layering and textures, present in her current work.

Rachael likes to bring her own personality to her work & creates fun quirky designs: 'patterns to make you happy'.

Her positive & energetic approach was recognized in 2009 as she was awarded the title of 'the happiest person in Britain 2009' from her excited & happy twitter posts.

 Her patterns are spontaneous as Rachael loves to draw with her right & left hand and sometimes even with her eyes closed. This way her patterns are unique & full of energy, she takes inspiration from everything around her & a lot of her motifs come from her own mood & personality.

Today is the last day to sign up for the Hide N Seek giveaway!

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  1. i am in love with the mugs! they're too cute!!!


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