Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buy My Books! - Used Book Sale


I read a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. I have so many books that they are taking over my space. There are books in the closet, books on the desk, books under the bed, books by the bed, not to mention the books in the bookshelf. I love my books and I always knew I would live surrounded by books, but lately, that's how I feel. Surrounded. So, I'm purging. And while I'd normally just give them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, I am in a fiscal pickle. Yes, a fiscal pickle.

So, I'm having a book sale!

I will be listing the books I have for sale on this post. I will be updating it often as I go through my stash. The prices will be set at $4 for hardback books and $2 for paperback.

I will ship them media mail which is ridiculously cheap (see prices here). If you buy multiple books, I will use priority mail flat-rate boxes to ship your items whenever that is more cost-efficient (see prices here).

The genres vary, there are biographies, science fiction, reference, humor and classic novels. However, the majority of them will likely fall into the category of "chick-lit" - fun, light beach reads.

If you'd like to place an order, please email me and let me know which books you would like and where you'd like them shipped. I will then reply with the weight of your books and your estimated delivery cost. In the future, when I have time (haha, when will that happen), I will note the book weights on this post so you can see it in advance.

Please note: I am posting the Amazon links because that way you can easily see the cover and synopsis. I am NOT selling these through Amazon. If you'd like to buy my copies, please email me.

Please also note that my books are USED; not in perfect condition. There may be creased spines, folded page corners and the occasional pen marking.

The current available books are:




More will be added regularly, check back often!


  1. the photos aren't loading for some reason, but it might just be me

  2. yup photos are not loading .. keep us updated :)

  3. I really like "Second Chance" by Jane Green and "i never fancied him anyway" by Claudia Carroll. I am interested in buying but if there are more books you are going to be putting up, please let me know in advance so i can order them all together! yay for books!

  4. So many books!

    Good luck with your sale!

  5. great idea. isn't lovely to share books? happy selling and thanks for posting!


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