Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cart - Worthy + Heart - Worthy

It's one thing to get one of those little rocks you keep in your pocket that say "relax," but wouldn't an egg in a nest make you actually relax? Or "pay attention" or "lead" or "wonder." If I got one, it would say "intend." I'm a firm believer in leading a life of purpose and understanding that we make our own destiny. These are available from raedunn's etsy shop.

Christine lives on a farm in New England and creates these amazing charcoal pieces in her spare time. Oh yeah, the spare time that accumulates when you GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. That's right, Christine and her husband made the decision to become locavores in 2001. I totally admire that decision and hope one day I can do the same. By the way, I'm totally purchasing this one. And maybe this one.

Jessica at Vol25 has a huge collection of really amazing artwork. I love these whimsical turtles as well as her super cute toasters and teacups. She also has a blog, a line of stamps (!), and an awesome zazzle site where you can get her adorable decorations on cool stuff you can actually use!

I have a lovely friend named Stacy who went back to culinary school after years of working retail because cooking is what she'd always wanted to do. I so admired her for that leap of faith and for the sacrifices she made to keep that dream alive. She even went to Switzerland with her cooking school! These beautiful wire earrings and necklace look like the perfect gift for her for Christmas! Esther from Exodesigns makes these clever pieces and I love that she chose the classic silhouette and interesting design of the whisk for her subject. The whisk has always been my favorite kitchen utensil - probably owed in equal parts to its position as the most fun cake-making utensil to lick and its awesome shape.


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