Friday, August 3, 2012

Painting Party With Wine And Canvas!

Last week, my girlfriends and I went to a Wine and Canvas event - I know, sounds good already, right? :) We met at a local restuarant (in our case, Tony Roma's) and were given a step-by-step painting lesson! There was a special happy hour menu available for us to order from - we noshed on delicious garlic bread, bbq bites, and of course, wine!

 {the various stages of our creations!}

{here is my finished product on my kitchen table}

It was SO much fun and really re-awakened some creative juices that I thought were long gone. We've even talked about setting up our own classes in one of our homes! We used a Groupon to sign up for our deals, but you can go straight to the Wine and Canvas website - there are locations all around the country!


  1. Dude, those look lovely lovely lovely.

  2. Wow! That looks great and it looks like it was a really fun time!!


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