Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love.... Fresh Words Market!

This is the free print available this month from Fresh Words Market, an awesome shop full of inspiring prints, notebooks, and fun paper goods like garlands and mobiles.

I have this awesome print featuring a line from a famous speech by Steve Jobs. I have it in my hallway, so that I see it over and over everyday. I even say it out loud sometimes. :)

Not only do they sell awesome artwork, but every month, they include a free print (like the one above) in their email newsletters. You're welcome to print it out and hang it in your hallway - totally for free!

Fresh Words Market sells great products, but also has a great cause - for every print sold, they donate 10% of proceeds to help women and children around the world. These make great gifts - I know, I've given some! :)

You can check out their pinterest here and their facebook here!


  1. Love the picture here..,and your Etsy store too... you have a great taste and style.

    (rtwong - Blogging around /

  2. beautiful photo and saying

    bluecrayons-blogging around


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