Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ciao Bella!

Guess what?
I am the luckiest girl in the world!
Wanna know why?

Because I am going...
to Italy!!

{Florence, Italy via}

My tickets are booked, my guidebook is highlighted, and my bags are packed!
Well, no, that last part isn't true. But I AM constantly making lists of things I want to pack.

Come May 8th, I'll be on my way to Italia along with my good friend, Lindsay! We have two weeks to explore Venice, Florence, and Rome and their surrounding areas.

{Dusk, Piazza Navona, Rome Italy via}

I can't even imagine the photos, the food, the souvenirs, and experiences we will come back with. It will surely be a life-changing trip and I can't wait!

{Lucca, Tuscany, Italy via}

To get ready for this journey, I (of course) turned to blogland and found some fun, funny, awesome blogs written by Americans who now live in Italy. These ladies have been so helpful: with restaurant recommendations (mmm...gelato), beautiful photo spots, even quiet places in their cities that really make you feel like you're in another time.

Here are a few of my faves:

Do you know of any good travel blogs?
Even better, let me know if you have any fun Italy travel tips to share with me!


  1. Hi Katie, I'm excited for your trip to Italy and am honored that you mentioned my blog. Two'll both have so much to do between the 3 cities on your itinerary! Of course, with me being such an enthusiast for italian sagra events, I have to tell you about the Violet artichoke festival on the island of Sant'Erasmo in Venice. It's supposed to be scheduled for May 20th so if you're in the area... Also if you're looking for a cool photo op in Venice (as if there won't be tons already), I suggest Scala Contarini. It's kind of hidden but worth seeking out.

    Buon viaggio!

  2. Buon Viaggio!!!
    And, glad my blog didn't turn you off!! Actually, you'll find my TIPS FOR TRAVELING there too - be sure to check out the CAVEATS as well!

    I'm currently co-authoring a book of a friend's story...having met the man of her life at the Trevi Fountain so...Hey! Ya never know...Stranger things have happened..

    And, if you really want to see the Real Venice: Go to Chioggia. It's how it used to be...


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