Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Big Gesture


I am always hoping for the big gesture. When my birthday rolls around and everyone is hanging out (like any other Saturday), I hope there's a big surprise party about to begin at any moment. When I pull into my driveway, I think that maybe my crush will be parked there waiting for me. When my doorbell rings, I think for just a second, "Maybe that's a good friend stopping by just to say hi." 

So, I don't usually get the big gesture. I mean, I have. I've received spontaneous boba milk tea drop-offs and birthday scavenger hunts and even an anniversary note printed in the classifieds. But, of course, more often than not, there is nobody waiting in my driveway and the doorbell is just a solicitor. Which is normal and fine and my life is not a movie. 

But I still always hope. My brain automatically goes to that magical place first - which I love about myself. I'm so optimistic and I expect the best in everyone, but what that means is that I'm usually disappointed, if only for a moment. 

So, what's better? Hoping for magic and settling for reality? Or assuming that nothing special is going to happen and not getting disappointed when it doesn't? Personally, I'm not going to fight my "true nature" - I am an optimist and a romantic and I see magic around every corner. And I am so okay with that. :)

What about you? Do you see magic everywhere?

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  1. Lets always hope for a little more magic, and it is out there. Stay true to your heart and your feelings and like you I think there is magic all round us. Catching it sometimes can be the hard part but so worth it when we do. Happy birthday when the day comes around and hope it is filled with.. Magic


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