Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway Roundup!

Giveaway Roundup! Since I haven't posted any soon (though more are coming shortly!), I'll clue you in to my current faves... even though it lowers my chances of winning :( Haha, enjoy!

{win this lovely necklace here - expires 8/22}

{win this package of handmade crafts here - expires 8/3}

{win this fun rose necklace here - expires TODAY!}

{win your choice of a tea towel and print here - expires 8/7}

{win this funky green owl necklace here - expires 8/18}

{win this amazing papercut here - ends TODAY!}

{win this amazing necklace here - expires 8/4}

I promise I will post pictures of my hair cut soon (first, I have to style it a bit :)) and I also have a weekend recap coming (can you say VEGAS!?). Enjoy the giveaways for now and feel free to post yours or any others you want to promote!


  1. thanks for sharing this and i can't wait to see your haircut (:

  2. And a sunny purse on my blog, expires 8/15 ;) Did you know?

    Thank you so much for sharing. I specifically go after the first necklace, lol

  3. thank u so much for sharing!! i'm checking them out now!...*


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