Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore: Sunday Movie With The Folks

Lately, I've been feeling the lady-like vibe. Skirts, fitted tops, mid-lengths, florals - this is where I'm happiest. Maybe it's just my way of rebelling against the tank top and shorts clad masses that are everywhere since it's been so hot. Not to say I don't enjoy tanks and shorts, but sometimes you want something a little more...feminine.

I wore this outfit to a morning movie with my parents on Sunday, and then I took it grocery shopping. It was the perfect warm weather (but not crazy hot) outfit. 

Top: JCP
Skirt: JCP


  1. Awesome!!! Looks Great!!!!


  2. Very feminine and fresh looking! Skirts can be quite a bit cooler than shorts, anyway!

    1. I totally agree! When it's really hot, I'd rather have the air flow! Thanks for reading!


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